Program Development

We specialize in custom designing social service program models to help your organization cultivate resiliency and meet the unique needs of the community it serves. We provide consultation through each phase of program development including design, preparation, implementation and evaluation.  All models will be:

Trauma and developmentally informed:  Based on the growing body research on brain development and healing from trauma.

Client and outcome driven:  From design to evaluation, we strive to include the voice of the target population. We recognize that “One size does not fit all.” Evidence informed interventions need to be delivered in the context of the client’s current needs and strengths and past experiences to be relevant and effective. Feedback and evaluation will be part of an ongoing improvement process focused on what works.

Systemic and relationship-based:  Emphasis will be on engagement and strengthening relationships within family and community networks. We recognize that social connectedness is a powerful resiliencyAdditionally, approaches must be systemic because that is where many barriers reside.

Resiliency focused:  Interventions will focus on cultivating skills related to increasing resiliency. Specific techniques will be informed by neuroscience knowledge and research-based learning principles.

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