Cultivating Human Resiliency is devoted to building resilient communities by providing professional training and organizational development services to human service organizations. We combine knowledge and experience with new learning in social research and neuroscience.


Cultivating Human Resiliency offers products and services that are innovative, effective and customized to meet the needs of your organization.


We provide interactive professional trainings, using cutting edge knowledge delivered by experienced trainers. Our organizational development services are designed to support organizations through leadership development, program design and trauma-informed consultation.



Ever since the results of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) were published in 1998, we have known the profound impact trauma and adversity has on lives. However, this was only the beginning of the story. The negative effects of trauma and the destructive trajectory it can cause does not have to be a destined outcome. Through neuroscience and social research, we are discovering ways in which human resiliency can be nurtured and cultivated.


We are all connected through our relationships and communities and we are all impacted by trauma and adversity. Therefore, everyone can benefit from resiliency. Resiliency refers to the skill sets and mindsets that help us to overcome adversity and successfully navigate life. To support resiliency in children and families we need resilient relationships, resilient organizations and resilient communities.

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As the events of 2020 have turned our attention to helping professionals, compassion fatigue awareness is on the rise.  In my book, The Compassion Fatigued Organization: Restoring Compassion to Helping Professionals, I examine the mindsets and response patterns that can lead to compassion fatigue in the individual. But compassion fatigue is not just a problem … Continue reading Do Helping Organizations Experience Compassion Fatigue?

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I have written before about the many benefits of social connecting. I refer to it as a super resiliency! From a neurological standpoint, we are all wired to connect to both survive and thrive. Connecting to each other improves our physical well-being. We now have much research evidence to show that social connectivity leads to … Continue reading 6 Ways to Practice Social Connecting While Social Distancing

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