The Compassion Fatigued Organization: Restoring Compassion to Helping Professionals

$14.99 Amazon Paperback/$8.99 Kindle

The Compassion Fatigued Organization offers a path for helping professionals to combat compassion fatigue and help restore a culture of compassion to their organizations. Drawing on research in trauma, compassion, and neuroscience, as well as decades of experience providing trauma-informed training and consultation to human service organizations, author Michelle Graff reveals the reason behind our responses and offers practical ways to build resilience and cultivate compassion.

The Compassion Fatigue Workbook: 28 Exercises for Compassion Fatigued Helping Professionals

$9.99 Amazon Paperback (New Release)

Designed as a companion guide to the book The Compassion Fatigued Organization: Restoring Compassion to Helping Professionals, this workbook offers straightforward approaches that go beyond self-care. The twenty-eight exercises and corresponding worksheets can be used by individuals, groups, or helping organizations to heighten self-awareness and combat compassion fatigue.

Self-regulation Worksheet

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