Combating Compassion Fatigue-2 hour course

About Course

If you are a helping professional that sometimes feels as if you are "out of" compassion, this course is for you. Find out why you have been feeling depleted, drained, irritable, or numb and what you can do about it. 


This informative 2-hour course will cover the role our brain and neurological responses play in compassion fatigue. We will review the skill sets and mindsets necessary for cultivating compassion to combat the symptoms of secondary trauma with a focus on self-awareness and self-regulation.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will increase their knowledge of compassion fatigue and harness their personal resiliency through:

  • Increasing an understanding of neurological responses and the role they play in compassion fatigue
  • Increasing self-awareness and the ability to identify thoughts, feelings, triggers and responses
  • Practicing self-regulation
  • Recognizing the skillsets and ongoing practices that help combat compassion fatigue including boundaries, empathy, gratitude, debriefing, connection and self-care.

Topics for this course

10 Lessons2h


Course introduction and overview of the brain
Course Introduction video-2:22
Design elements of the brain video-11:39

Understanding compassion fatigue




Test your new knowledge then complete a course evaluation to receive your certificate.

Target Audience

  • Helping Professionals

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