Practicing Gratitude to Build Resilience

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About Course

This 1-hour Course will explore the neurobiology behind why gratitude is so powerful and learn practical ways to implement gratitude in our lives.

Learning Objectives

Participants will increase their knowledge of the benefits of gratitude and be able to practice gratitude to cultivate resilience:

  • to self-regulate and reset.
  • to shift mindsets in the face of adversity
  • to increase emotional resilience
  • to improve relationships and connections
  • To integrate gratitude as a habit

Course Content

Participants will learn about the benefits of gratitude found in scientific studies.

  • Benefits of gratitude

Practicing Gratitude to Reset
Participants will learn and practice using gratitude to reset when in need of self-regulation.

Practicing Gratitude to Build Cognitive Resilience
Participants will learn about mind traps and how gratitude can be used to shift mindsets. They will also experience an exercise for using gratitude in the face of adversity,

Practicing Gratitude to Build Emotional Resiliency
Participants will learn about emotional regulation and experience an exercise using gratitude to build emotional resiliency.

Practicing Gratitude in Relationships
Participants will learn how gratitude practices can positively effect our relationships and connections. They will also hear tips for practicing gratitude in relationships.

Making Gratitude a Habit
Participants will learn ways to successfully integrate gratitude practices into their daily lives.


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