Leadership Development

We deliver innovative and effective leadership development through formal training and individual and group coaching. Our brain-based leadership model is research informed and competency based. We take both a reflective and practical approach to cultivate leadership skills in five key areas of functionality to cultivate resilient leaders.


Five Functions of the Resilient Leader

  • Self-management:  Resilient leaders understand the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and behavioral responses. They can apply this knowledge to Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Relationship management:  Resilient leaders understand how to get unstuck from unhelpful relationship patterns and promote more effective relationships. They can apply this knowledge to improve communication and conflict management skills
  • Leading culture:  Resilient leaders understand what culture is and how it is created. They know that we are what we do. They also know how to develop an organizational mindset for growth. This knowledge can be utilized to develop the right culture for organizational success.
  • Executing decisions:  Resilient leaders understand the role our brain plays in developing perceptions. They use and encourage critical thinking to improve organizational decision making. This knowledge can be applied using decision frameworks based on principles, values and reason.
  • Strategic planning:  Resilient leaders continue to focus on the future with improvement in mind. They understand human motivation and the complex relationship between strategy and culture. This knowledge can be applied using a strategic plan matrix to achieve results.

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