Helping organizations with limited internal capacity for professional development can benefit from our comprehensive training plans. Our goal is to help you develop a resilient, trauma-informed professional team.

Customized Training Plans

We offer compressive plans designed to meet your organization’s ongoing professional development needs. Customized plans can involve combinations of on-site trainings, coaching, online, and on-demand learning opportunities. We can develop a plan for a specific program or your entire professional staff.

Curriculum Development and Train-the-Trainer

We provide customized curriculum development resulting in a user-friendly training script and complimentary materials. We will even train your designated staff trainers to use the curriculum. Training development and train-the-trainer services include all necessary materials, so you can deliver on-going training to meet your organization’s needs.

leadership development

We deliver innovative and effective leadership development through formal training and individual and group coaching. Our brain-based leadership model is research informed and competency based. We take both a reflective and practical approach to cultivate leadership skills in five key areas of functionality to cultivate resilient leaders.


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