Resilient Organizations

win_20161214_135312-2Can the way you are thinking be preventing your organization from thriving?

Creating a resilient organization often requires a shift in organizational culture. This involves implementing operationalized values that are adhered to at every level and area of the organization. However, deep and lasting change requires more than just writing new policy and implementing new practice.

Since organizations are made up of people, building resiliency requires the same process. The first step is to examine the interfering mindsets and reactionary responses that might be embedded in your culture. If you were to make an honest assessment of your organization’s current mindset, how would you answer the following questions?

  • Do we develop and inspire employees at all levels? Or do we see some as having fixed roles and capabilities?
  • Are we open to learning from all members of our organization? Or do we only value and rely on the opinions of an elite few?
  • Do we embrace both successes and failures as learning opportunities? Or do we fail to learn from our mistakes?

If not everyone in your agency sees these answers as yes, it might be time to identify the beliefs and practices that are holding your organization back.

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