Understanding Mind Traps

  Self-awareness is a core skill set of any successful leader. Frankly, it is a core skill set for all compassionate human beings. Among other things, awareness begins by knowing our brain and recognizing our vulnerability to get stuck in the trappings of our own mind. Thus, removing barriers to manage relationships and make better … Continue reading Understanding Mind Traps

Truth, Reality and Decision-Making

In today’s world of social media, political polarization, and “fake news,” truth and reality can sometimes seem like slippery concepts. They remain, however, no less essential in solving problems, making sound decisions and otherwise safely navigating life. What is Truth? Philosophers and wordsmiths have long wrestled with the distinction between truth and reality. It all … Continue reading Truth, Reality and Decision-Making

Should I Trust My Gut?

I’m not sure who said it first, but I always liked the saying “Never make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings.” This seems like opposite advice to adages like “trust your gut,” or “follow your heart.” I would never suggest ignoring our emotions when it comes to decision making.  I do think it is … Continue reading Should I Trust My Gut?