8 Ways to Develop Resiliency

  Have you ever wondered why life seems so much more manageable for some people than others, even when their circumstances are similar? Let’s face it, life is rarely as easy as we would like it to be and coping with life’s ups and downs requires a fair amount of resiliency. So, how do you … Continue reading 8 Ways to Develop Resiliency

Understanding Mind Traps

  Self-awareness is a core skill set of any successful leader. Frankly, it is a core skill set for all compassionate human beings. Among other things, awareness begins by knowing our brain and recognizing our vulnerability to get stuck in the trappings of our own mind. Thus, removing barriers to manage relationships and make better … Continue reading Understanding Mind Traps

Cultivating Compassion to Combat Compassion Fatigue

In my work with human service organizations, compassion fatigue is one of the most requested training or consultation topic. I have found that organizations are getting better at recognizing the need for self-care. However, most efforts lack a true understanding of what compassion fatigue is and how to best combat it, both individually and within … Continue reading Cultivating Compassion to Combat Compassion Fatigue

Why Social Connectivity is a Super Resiliency

Resiliencies are the skill sets and mindsets needed to successfully navigate the challenges of life. They can be cultivated and learned throughout a lifetime. But, before we learn anything, our brain is already wired for survival. Our automatic response system is designed to promote life sustaining activities. When the brain detects a threat, it sends … Continue reading Why Social Connectivity is a Super Resiliency

4 Things To Reflect On While You Are Being Patient

Patience is more than a virtue, it can also be a resiliency. It is not about getting stuck or being afraid to act. Patience is the deep breath between situation and response. It is about choosing to respond at the right time in the right way. Patience allows you to be deliberate (stop, think, respond) instead of … Continue reading 4 Things To Reflect On While You Are Being Patient

Bouncing Back: 5 Ways Resilient People Overcome Setbacks

Life and business are full of complications, disappointments and flops. Anyone who has ever tried anything has experienced an occasional stumbling block. Resilient people manage to persevere and bounce back from adversity. Here are five things that resilient people do after a setback that keeps them on track: Remain hopeful: This does not mean unrealistic … Continue reading Bouncing Back: 5 Ways Resilient People Overcome Setbacks

The Amygdala

Why does this small region of our brain have such an impact on our behavioral responses? Navigating our personal and professional lives with resiliency involves being able to respond constructively even in emotionally impacted situations. The Amygdala serves an important and necessary function, to keep us safe in threatening situations. Unfortunately, when we have experienced … Continue reading The Amygdala

The Resilient Strategic Plan

3 elements for success Both resilient people and resilient organizations are able to plan strategically for the future. However, most of us have experienced a plan that either is abandoned before it is complete, does not achieve the desired outcome or just fails to inspire anyone to do anything differently. These past failures can make … Continue reading The Resilient Strategic Plan

4 Lists to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Resilient people are good at follow through. However, according to a University of Scranton study, only 8% of us follow through on our New Year’s resolutions. Follow through, like any essential skill, can be cultivated. Whether your resolution is to get organized, get healthy, or find a new career; lasting change involves examining your interfering mindsets, identifying … Continue reading 4 Lists to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution