Practicing Gratitude to Build Emotional Resilience

I have blogged about the benefits of gratitude before, but since it is National Gratitude Month, I would like to take a deeper dive into the topic. I am sure you have heard that practicing gratitude has a myriad of positive effects. Research has revealed that gratitude benefits us in four spheres of wellbeing. Physically:  … Continue reading Practicing Gratitude to Build Emotional Resilience

Compassionate Connections

Why they are just as important as Self-care The notion of “self-care” has been a popular response to compassion fatigue and burn-out. As I wrote in my previous blog, promoting self-care alone can be problematic. I proposed that maybe we should be focused more on “compassionate connections.” I wanted to follow-up on that thought. In … Continue reading Compassionate Connections

Compassion Fatigue and Covid

How does the pandemic impact helping professionals? Compassion fatigue is hardly a new phenomenon. Helping professionals have long experienced the impact of chronic exposure to secondary trauma and stress associated with their work. But circumstances created with the Covid-19 pandemic could be challenging compassionate helpers on a whole new level. Compassion fatigue impacts those in … Continue reading Compassion Fatigue and Covid