Products and Services

Combining knowledge and experience with new learning in social research and neuroscience to provide innovative and effective services customized to meet the needs of your organization. Our models are grounded in what we know about the human brain with an emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practice to achieve optimum effectiveness.


Leadership Development:  We deliver innovative and effective leadership development through formal training and individual and group coaching. Our brain-based leadership model is research informed and competency based. We take both a reflective and practical approach to cultivate leadership skills in five key areas of functionality.

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Program Development:  We specialize in custom designing social service program models to help your organization cultivate resiliency and meet the unique needs of the community it serves. We provide comprehensive services through each phase of program development including design, preparation, implementation and evaluation.

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Cultivating Compassion:  Effectively combatting compassion fatigue in human service organizations requires implementing practices to shift culture. Using the Cultivating Compassion model, comprehensive services support your organizations efforts to make lasting and impactful change, resulting in less turnover and greater mission success.

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Organization Consultation:  We deliver quality consultation to organizations utilizing experience and expertise in organizational leadership, trauma informed care and child welfare. Consultation can include but is not limited to organizational assessments, accreditation preparation, trauma informed initiatives, systemic change and strategic planning.


On-site Training:  We provide interactive and engaging on-site trainings delivered to professional staff. Training is directed at increasing competency in the areas of self-care, professional and relational skills, and specialized client centered issues All training topics can be customized and developed to meet the specific needs of the organization.

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Comprehensive Training Plans:  We offer compressive plans designed to meet all your organization’s professional development needs. Customized plans involve combinations of on-site trainings, coaching, e-learning opportunities, and include professional resource materials.

Curriculum Development and Train-the-Trainer:  We provide customized curriculum development resulting in a user-friendly training script and complimentary materials. We will even train your designated staff trainers to use the curriculum. Training development and train-the-trainer services include all necessary materials, so you can deliver on-going training to meet your organization’s needs.


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